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Have a question? Ready to order Linde gases or equipment? Contact us via phone or email or drop by your closest Linde distributor.

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Call us at 02 973 73 02

If you'd like to place an order of cylinder or bulk gases or gas equipment or address any questions regarding our services, contact us on +359 42 900 750 or 02 973 73 02 ot via

Working hours: Monday-Friday 08:00 - 16:00. 

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*When placing your order please ensure that the advisor is aware of any restrictions (such as pedestrian zones, no waiting zones, or limited access) which may cause difficulties when delivering your gas.

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Find your local cylinder gas supplier from our extensive network of Linde stores and authorised agents and partners, where you can collect your gas or products or request a delivery. We supply a wide range of industrial cylinder gases including welding gas, balloon gas and refrigeration gas as well as gas equipment and safety products. 

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